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“NetVision Consulting has referred multiple clients to Semel Consulting. Our clients got the industry’s best expert who helped them fix hidden problems. We got referral fee checks and every client has spent more with us. You can trust Mike.”

Wade DeVore, CEO, NetVision Consulting

“When it comes to compliance there is nobody else in the industry who knows more and is a better resource than Mike Semel. You can count on him." Michael Mittel, CEO, RapidFire Tools

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  1. WE DON’T COMPETE WITH YOU FOR I.T. PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. We help healthcare clients comply with all the HIPAA rules, not just those related to IT; financial services clients comply with state and federal regulations; and government contractors comply with CMMC/DFARS and NIST.
  2. We create comprehensive Business Continuity plans that go beyond IT. Companies have relied on our plans to survive the Joplin tornado, SuperStorm Sandy, and many disruptions you never heard about.
  3. We cover ALL the privacy- and confidentiality-related compliance requirements facing a client, including federal and state laws, industry standards, contractual obligations, and insurance policy requirements. Focusing just on one regulation leaves clients exposed to high risks. We use ‘under the skin’ network assessment tools to identify hidden security and compliance risks.
  4. Mike Semel leads all projects. He is a recognized compliance expert, best-selling author, and has written articles for health care and IT publications and websites. He speaks at many conferences, including the National HIPAA Summit, the NY State Cyber Security Conference, and to the medical team at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.        Mike is a Certified Security Compliance Specialist, Certified HIPAA Professional, and wrote the Certified HIPAA Security Professional course for 4MedApproved, which qualifies for healthcare continuing education credits.
  5. Mike is a Certified Business Continuity Professional through the Disaster Recovery Institute.
  6. Our client engagements are comprehensive, starting with an expert risk analysis, compliance assessment, remediation assistance, and consulting. We don’t just offer reports, we deliver results.
  7. Semel Consulting has a proven track record. We received this email after a client’s federal audit.

“Great news! Attached is the letter we received from the OCR saying they are closing our case without further action.

Mike, thank you so much for your assistance with the response. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your input that greatly influenced this outcome.

  1. Some regulations prohibit you from conducting assessments of clients you serve, which can be seen as a conflict of interest. The Mayo Clinic requires its Business Associates to undergo an independent risk analysis. You can avoid any violations or suspicions by referring clients for an independent assessment.
  2. Your client gets the advice of a recognized expert, you get a referral fee, and you get opportunities to sell projects, products, and more managed services. And, you don’t need to become an expert to deliver expert results to your clients. Everyone wins!
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