Make a lot of money by doing compliance right.

Compliance is a great opportunity. But you need to do it right.        Get my 'Top 10 Compliance Myths & Facts for MSPs' today!

Get My Top 10 Compliance Myths & Facts for MSPs today!

Every business in the US must comply with at least one data breach law. Including you. You should embrace compliance as a huge opportunity to sell your projects and managed services. Get my free tips and guidance today!

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Mike Semel

I'm irrationally passionate about helping MSPs.

A lot of people helped me on my journey, and I want to help you on yours. My systems and coaching have helped MSPs get more respect, do a better job, make more money, and have more fun. 

I WANT TO HELP YOU BECOME AN AUTHORITY IN HOURS, not the years it took me. It doesn't take much to increase your capabilities. Learn new skills. Elevate the New You.



Mike consults with large and small organizations about their cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Mike works with MSPs, healthcare organizations, defense contractors, cloud services, VOIP vendors, software publishers, and government agencies.


Mike is a sought-after speaker who can engage with and entertain your audience. He speaks on compliance, cybersecurity, and business continuity planning.


Mike is the Amazon Best-Selling Author of How to Avoid HIPAA Headaches, and writes for many printed and online publications.


Become an authority in hours, not years.

Laser-focused on MSPs, our systems include videos, checklists, forms, templates, and bonuses to help you be seen as an authority and get paid what you are worth. Includes Mike’s expert advice from his hands-on experience as an MSP, hospital CIO, school district CIO, and cloud backup service COO, not just something he read about.

I’m knee deep into your presentations and really enjoy the material. Well worth the price.”

James Sanford, Teamspring, Buford, GA 

Connect with prospects. Close deals faster.


“I am leveraging your knowledge quite a bit with prospective customers; In one case I closed the deal almost immediately.”

Mike Williams

TeamLogic IT, Northeast Pennsylvania


Learn more about my systems to differentiate you and accelerate your success.

Work with the best in the business.

You can safely refer clients to us and get a referral fee and high-profit projects and managed services.

Some clients have complex compliance needs. Others are clients of MSPs who don't want to have a conflict by auditing themselves, MSPs know you can safely refer your clients to us because we don't compete with you for IT products or services.  You get a referral fee, along with a client who is happy you referred them to an expert who helped them solve hidden compliance problems that built up for years. When we recommend IT products and services, you get the business!

Learn more about our MSP referral program.

Data is Worth More Than Gold (TM)

Mike Semel coined the term (and trademarked) Data is Worth More Than Gold, to help business leaders understand that their data has tangible value. Mike has helped hundreds of CEOs quantify their cybersecurity risks so they know what to invest to protect their data. Learn how to turn risks into dollars - the language of business - to get clients to invest more in your security products and services.

What Makes Us Different From the HIPAA-Made-Easy Vendors? First, Compliance is Never Just HIPAA.

There are many vendors of what I call HIPAA-Made-Easy solutions that:

  • Are so focused on HIPAA, HIPAA, HIPAA that they do a disservice to you and lead you to put your clients at risk. No one has to comply only with HIPAA.  Some state laws change HIPAA requirements. Some types of data are protected beyond HIPAA. We help you understand ALL the requirements and become a knowledgeable authority.
  • Tell you things that simply are not true, like one that claims that Business Associate Agreements must be signed with vendors each year, and that medical practices must do a HITECH Subtitle D audit, which does not exist.
  • Don't teach HIPAA correctly. I've lived HIPAA as the CIO for a hospital and now as a compliance consultant to hundreds of large and small healthcare organizations. I learned HIPAA hands-on, not just as a vendor looking in from the outside. But I know what MSPs need because I was one. We don't offer seals, make up phrases, or get the rules wrong. We just give you accurate, reliable information and tools that really mean something. You can be an authority but you need to get it right.
  • Want you to resell their services to your clients, which means they aren't focused on MSPs. Our systems are designed for you to become an authority that can talk about HIPAA and other compliance regulations that may also affect the same clients. We help you make your company really compliant and not use HIPAA just a marketing gimmick.

Here's what we mean to you. It doesn't take long for you to become an authority so you can be paid for who you are and what you know, not just marking up or reselling somebody else's packaged service.

Increase your capabilities. Learn some new skills - it's easier than you think. Elevate the New You.


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