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This is for you and everyone on your team.

Your place. Your strategies.

Your sales team. Your marketing team.

Your techs. Your managers.


Your Questions. Answered.

You implement. You win!

I want to jump-start our sales through compliance.

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“When it comes to compliance there is nobody else in the industry who knows more and is a better resource than Mike Semel. You can count on him.”


What if the IT industry’s leading expert on compliance, cybersecurity sales, and business continuity planning offered to work for you... for a fraction of a salary?

Mike Semel’s Compliance Jump-Start for MSPs is designed for Mike to personally advise you get a handle on compliance and turn it into big profits and low risks. 

You can’t hire Mike but you can get the next best thing - his expertise and guidance – personalized for you and shared with your team.

This isn’t another conference or webinar where only one or two people from your company get the benefit of 45 minutes of good ideas. This is Mike training your whole team, at your office, focused on your company.

How would you feel if you received Mike's resume (with 40+ years experience; cybersecurity, compliance, and business continuity certifications; and a proven track record as an MSP, hospital CIO, K-12 school district CIO, and business continuity planner) in response to a help-wanted ad?


Of course, this type of personal service and customized advice isn't cheap. But the rewards can be in the millions.

How much additional profit could you generate by adding just one new client per month by leading with compliance instead of cybersecurity (like everyone else)?

By adding just one new client per month as a result of Mike's training, one MSP estimated (based on their new client purchase analytics) they would earn over $ 2 million in additional services and sales revenue in just 36 months, with over $ 5 million in 5 years. With just one additional client per month.

You have probably met Mike, watched his webinars, used his training systems, and read his published articles. Mike knows MSPs because he was one and is now a compliance consultant paying MSPs referral fees and driving business to MSPs. Mike was also the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a hospital and a K-12 school district. He is a sought-after recognized and certified compliance, cybersecurity, and business continuity expert.

He speaks at conferences, writes for magazines and websites, developed Semel Systems, a library of training and templates for MSPs, and helps vendors use compliance to develop and market their products. He has conducted hundreds of compliance, cybersecurity, and business continuity planning projects. And he will come to you.

As a former MSP who learned about compliance from another MSP, Mike sincerely wants to help jump-start-your success. As a former MSP who brought expert consultants in to help him grow his businesses, Mike knows you can achieve your goals faster with an expert to guide you, you can’t completely stop your business to get results, but you must be willing to change and implement advice or you won’t succeed.

Not every MSP will qualify for this exclusive service.

Things don’t miraculously improve on their own.

This is for you only if you are willing to be open-minded to making changes and implementing expert advice. In fact, we can guarantee that you won’t get results… if you don’t implement.


But, if you implement even one new idea,

this shouldn't 'cost' you anything.


It should pay for itself 10, 50, 0r 100 times.

Your office. Your team. You.


Mike Semel will advise you 1-on-1 to help you develop your strategies. He will come to your office to educate your sales, marketing, and technical staffs and answer their questions. He will assess your company’s readiness to pass a HIPAA or CMMC audit, survive a breach investigation, or win a lawsuit. All while you learn how to increase profits and work with clients who value your services and will pay a premium to work with you.

You will be more successful if you don’t sound like other MSPs.

Mike will show you how to make more money using compliance as your wedge to close sales. Instead of telling prospects what you do and how things work, you will learn how to change your messaging to what prospects and clients want to hear - how you help them rest easier by complying with all their requirements, ensuring their insurance will cover them if needed, and reducing their risks of downtime and financial losses.

What you learn will work with any marketing system, in any location, and with every prospect.

Focusing on just HIPAA or CMMC as your compliance offering is a recipe for disaster – including lower profits and bigger risks.

Mike won’t train you to be a 1-trick pony. EVERY prospect or client you will ever work with has more than one compliance requirement, including federal and state laws, industry requirements, contractual obligations, and cyber insurance requirements.

For example, a doctor that accepts Medicare and credit card payments must comply with HIPAA plus Medicare MIPS plus PCI-DSS plus state data breach laws plus contractual cybersecurity requirements plus their cyber insurance policy. Defense contractors, financial institutions, law firms, accountants, etc. also have multiple requirements. 

If you don’t help clients comply with ALL their needs, your services are incomplete.

“Compliance is a journey, not a destination, and it is always a shared responsibility with a client.”

Mike Semel


We won’t make empty promises. We know we can’t ‘make you compliant’. We don’t use gimmicks. We don’t offer phony seals of compliance that don’t mean anything but can increase your risks of consumer fraud penalties from the Federal Trade Commission. But we do offer proven, tested advice to help you understand compliance and shortcut your way to success. Based on what Mike did when he was an MSP and after years of working with MSPs as a consultant.

We know that MSP marketing has gotten better, but is your MESSAGING effective?  Our advice can help you change your messaging in a way that can be more effective, no matter which marketing or sales system you have adopted.

We know your clients’ regulations flow down to you, because we were an MSP with similar flow-down requirements, and we figured it out the hard way. Mike will make it easier for you by assessing your readiness to survive an audit, investigation, and win a lawsuit. You will get a roadmap to follow (we wish we had one when we were doing it) so you don't get lost.


What’s included in Mike Semel’s Compliance Jump-Start for MSPs?

  • 1:1 Compliance Strategy Planning Presentation/Discussion with Mike Semel and your Executive Team
  • Gather information about your compliance readiness
Mike's On-Site Visit Presentations with Q&A
  • Compliance Overview for your team
  • Simple Cybersecurity Sales System training for your sales reps, account managers, and marketing team
  • Effective MSP Messaging for your marketing and sales teams
  • Technical Service Delivery for Regulated Customers for your techs
  • Your personalized Compliance Roadmap to Success based on your compliance readiness assessment
  • For 60 days after Mike’s visit, the Semel Consulting team will remotely provide you with advice you can use to close sales opportunities. Get personalized help from experts that have been selling compliance projects every day since 2004.

Mike’s visit is only the start. Like after jump-starting your car, it’s up to you to put the car in gear and drive to your destination. Mike will show you what training and marketing materials you can use to get going immediately. You will learn how to stay up to date on compliance changes, what certifications to earn, where to get great stories to use in your marketing and sales pitches, and what tools you can use to deliver more profitable services.

The gift that keeps on giving!

COST JUSTIFICATION: Our Compliance Jump-Start gives you the benefits of sending everyone in your company to expert training, at a fraction of the cost. You save time and money by avoiding false starts and the risk of losing the one internal resource that learned something about compliance. Adding just one new client per month can bring millions in revenue. Doing what you are required to do as an MSP serving regulated clients lowers your risks. More profit, more internal resources, lower risks. At a fraction of a single salary.


Contact Rose Ketchum today to see how you can qualify. 

Every day you wait is another day of missed opportunities.

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It’s All About You.


This is for you and everyone on your team.

Your place. Your strategies.

Your sales team. Your marketing team.

Your techs. Your managers.


Your Questions. Answered.

You implement. You win!

I want to jump-start our sales through compliance.

Let's talk!